Current features

  • Coming soon!Users and permissions (SelfBi Server) (Video ►) 
    customized access depending on the user specific permissions: the administrator can decide which user can (or not) access certain areas of the software
  • Coming soon!Gauge chart
    this widget is useful to represent percentages: it indicates where the data fall over a particular range
  • Smart Data Selection 
    a tool that makes data selection quick and easy. It recognises filled cells and select them automatically
  • Data Placer    (Video ►)
    a smart panel  to organize the insertion of data in a widget. It understands the best positioning for them 
  • Data Refining    (Video ►)
    possibility to prepare data default format and convert the data type options before using them in an Analysis
  • Interactive Data in Edit
    data interact with filters even in Edit, in order to make the data Analysis editing quicker.  In addition to this, it's possible to filter data when the user plays the Analysis
  • Edit & Play
    two spaces to design and show the Analyses separately; it's possible to move from Edit to Play and vice versa in anytime
  • Automatic Union    (Video ►) 
    the sources containing the same data are automatically unified in the same Analysis
  • Date & Time Handler    (Video ►)
    Dates can be represented as (up to two) different time segments, which can be filtered  
  • Customised filter actions    (Video 1/2►)  (Video 2/2►)
    choose the behaviour of the filters for each of the Analysis widget
  • Analysis Snapshots
    after playing an Analysis, its copy is frozen into a snapshot. If the Analysis has been modified in Edit, anyway it is possible to recover the last copy frozen in Play
  • Data Snapshots    (database source)
    data aren't  updated automatically in Edit: SelfBi takes a snapshot of the Analysis data and doesn't update them until the user decide to do it 
  • Drag & drop
    build the Analysis by inserting widgets and data simply by drag-and-dropping them
  • Single Analysis, more sources    (Video ►) 
    database, spreadsheet and notes can converge into a single Analysis
  • Join sources
    decide the relations between different sources
  • Customised spreadsheet selection    (Video ►)
    customise the data selection. Titles can be included or excluded from it
  • SQL data selection     (Video ►)
    query data from a database. Connect to the database by different drivers
  • Null value or zero management
    possibility to set how to handle those values depending the cases
  • Widget customisation
    value labels can be inserted and customised in the charts. It's possible to set the automatic mode and let the software decide the most efficient visulisation of a widget or decide a lot of parameters, like the step and the density of the tics, the label orientation, angle etc.
  • Dashboard Legend
    the legends of all the widgets of the sheet merged into a unique one. It shows in a broad way the meaning of all the widgets colours in the sheet
  • Charts     (Video ►) 
    bar chart and line chart are available, where all the labels can be customised
  • Result Label​​​​​​    (Video ►)
    it is a label that shows the updated result coming from changes made on a specific Data Name. Every time values of that specific Data Name are altered (by functions, filters, etc.) the values of the Result Label are updated automatically
  • Table     (Video ►) 
    a customisable widget where it's possible to place side by side even the same data, applying different functions in order to compare data
  • Active Labels
    in case of several values in a chart, labels don't overlap each other so that the widget values can be read easily. Zoom a specific interval of the chart to see in detail all its values
  • Analyses home    (Video ►)
    Analyses are ready to be used in the Homepage. Highlight Favourite ones and find the last you have worked on in Recents
  • More sheets
    are available in a single Analysis
  • Library     (Video ►)
    create, save and store Data Definitions to use them as starting point of the future Analyses
  • Multilingual software management
    SelfBi is available in English, Spanish and Italian



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